Trigger Finger: What Causes it and Pain Relief Options in Singapore

Stenosing tenosynovitis also commonly known as trigger finger is a condition that results from the repeated squeezing and gripping motions of the fingers, related to the pursuit of hobbies or professional work. It is known to affect working professionals in various parts of the globe, especially those who have to spend a lot of time on the computer. In such a condition, the sheath which surrounds the tendon of the human finger becomes narrower and narrower resulting in the onset of immense pain and at times even numbness. Find out more about home remedies and treatment options from the experts at the Pain Relief Clinic by reading on.

trigger finger pain

Avoid Repetitive Finger Movement

To treat a trigger finger, repetitive actions need to be avoided when it comes to the usage of the fingers for complete pain relief. If professional tasks in Singapore entail repetitive action, then these tasks need to be switched with those that require less repetition. It would therefore be a good idea to approach the employer and ask him about work that can be done without stressing the fingers too much. By giving the fingers adequate amount of rest, the condition can be treated and prevented from occurring again in the future.

Care for Fingers at Home

Taking adequate care of the fingers at home is another form of trigger finger treatment in Singapore. In fact, home trigger finger treatments in Singapore can help with recovery in more ways than one. Fingers where such a condition has occurred need to be soaked in either cold or warm water on a daily basis. The fingers should be allowed to remain submerged in the water for ten to fifteen minutes at least, if not for twenty to thirty minutes. The fingers should be stretched while placed in the cold or lukewarm water. After taking the fingers out of the water, these should be dried in a gentle manner through the use of a towel.

Cortisone Injections

One other form of trigger finger therapy would be to use cortisone injections at your local clinic in Singapore. The cortisone injections, which are administered by medical practitioners, are not expensive to use. The injection is usually done just once and the results of such a trigger finger treatment can be reasonably good.

Use a Splint

The use of a splint in the affected finger is another well-known method to mitigate trigger finger pain. This helps with pain relief and the condition will often gradually recede within three to four weeks. This is offered at many clinics in Singapore. The purpose of the splint is to keep the finger straight and not allow it to bend or move in any direction, thus preventing the possibility of any shooting pain inside of it.

A good way to engage in trigger finger treatment in Singapore is of course to prevent it from happening in the first place. Conducting basic hand stretching exercises on a daily basis is a useful preventive method.

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