Frozen Shoulder Pain Treatment in Singapore

Frozen shoulder pain

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is a disabling condition that leads to severe shoulder pain and reduced range of motion in the shoulder joint. It is caused by tissue adhesions forming inside the shoulder joint, which adhere your shoulder capsule to the bone and restricts movement. As this can result in severe discomfort, we advise you to seek treatment immediately. At The Pain Relief Clinic, rest assured that our doctors will be able to treat your shoulder pain with the appropriate treatment in Singapore.

About Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder affects about five per cent of the general population.

Frozen shoulder usually develops in three stages. The stage and severity of a patient’s frozen shoulder determine the ideal treatment protocol.

  • Stage one: The onset of freezing and subsequent pain, which lasts about three to nine months. The pain is due to inflammation of the synovium, the lining surrounding your shoulder joint.
  • Stage two (transitional): Over four to 12 months, the shoulder movement becomes very limited and the shoulder feels, as its name suggests, “frozen”.
  • Stage three (thawing): The range of motion begins to improve, and lasts about 12 to 14 months.

If you are experiencing symptoms described in the first two stages, you most likely have a frozen shoulder. Pain caused as a result can be unbearable, and it helps that you seek treatment at our clinic in Singapore.

Shoulder Pain Treatment in Singapore at The Pain Relief Clinic

We offer a range of shoulder pain treatments at our clinic in Singapore. Read on.

  • Anti-inflammatory Medications & Physiotherapy

Early treatment of the inflammation present at the first stage of frozen shoulder symptoms through the use of medications and physiotherapy can help prevent tissue adhesions from forming.

  • Corticosteroid Injection

If pain continues to limit your physical therapy, intra-joint corticosteroid injections may be indicated to reduce the inflammation in a frozen shoulder. If done properly, a corticosteroid injection should reduce your pain enough to allow you an increased range of motion during exercise for your frozen shoulder.

  • Shoulder Manipulation Under Anaesthesia

Manipulation for a frozen shoulder must be performed under general anaesthesia, which means you will be unconscious during the procedure. Frozen shoulder manipulation under anaesthesia will allow an orthopaedic surgeon to move your shoulder more forcefully than possible during regular physiotherapy. The manipulations will likely release the adhesions in your shoulder joint, thus increasing its mobility.

  • Arthroscopic Surgery

Often, shoulder manipulation and arthroscopic surgery can be combined for excellent results if no other treatment has provided you with frozen shoulder relief. Arthroscopic surgery is performed under general anaesthesia by inserting surgical instruments into small incisions around your shoulder and cutting tissue to allow increased shoulder mobility. Also, the surgeon can view your joint during this surgery, and identify any abnormalities present that contributed to the development of your frozen shoulder.

  • Indiba Activ

Using an externally applied radiofrequency probe, the Indiba Activ is an ideal treatment option for frozen shoulder pain, especially popular among patients who visit The Pain Relief Clinic in Singapore. Used by top athletes around the world, this non-invasive option is rapidly gaining popularity among patients with frozen shoulder.

If you are suffering from frozen shoulder pain, or if your condition has not improved despite standard treatments and have been told to consider surgery, reach out to The Pain Relief Clinic in Singapore and our doctor will assist you.

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