Experiencing Knee Pain And In Need Of A Remedy?

Knee pain can affect anyone regardless of their age. However, knee pain is a common complaint among older people as the natural lubricant and cartilage of joints tend to diminish over time, resulting in frictional wear and tear.

Causes And Symptoms Of Knee Arthritis

Although knee pain could be due to a myriad of reasons, your symptoms could be caused by an underlying medical condition like rheumatoid arthritis. Mechanical or overuse injuries can result in knee ligament tears when left untreated.

Symptoms accompanying knee pain include:

  • Knee redness and swelling
  • Knee weakness
  • Knee joint instability
  • Popping, crunching, or grating sounds when bending the knees

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Early intervention can help mitigate chances of serious underlying medical conditions.  If you are experiencing the following symptoms, it may be best to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Marked or uncomfortable swelling
  • Unable to use the knee properly
  • Unable to extend the knee or flex it completely
  • Symptoms are accompanied by fever
  • Knee instability
  • Unable to bear weight

Causes for knee pain include:

  • Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
  • Mechanical problems (such as looseness or gaps in the joints, dislocated knee cap)
  • Injury (knee bursitis or torn meniscus and sprained ligaments)

Ignoring your knee pain over time can be detrimental. Delaying knee pain treatment can cause degeneration of joints, worsening the pain as well as the knee injury. Although usually done as a last resort, knee surgery as an option for treatment has unfortunately become all too common.

Knee Arthritis Remedy And Treatment Options In Singapore

The best treatment for your knee pain will depend on the root causes behind the pain. That said, our doctors offer the following remedy and treatment for knee pain at our clinic in Singapore, which are suitable for those with mild to moderate pain.

Self-Treatment Remedy For Your Knee Pain 

Rest: Stop the activity causing the knee pain.

Immobilize: Keep your knee in a comfortable fixed position.

Cold: Apply an ice or cold pack to the area.

Elevate: Raise the sore area by placing pillows underneath while sitting or lying down.

Medical Treatment For Knee Pain

For those experiencing severe pain, it is advised to consult a doctor. Most doctors start their patients on a short course of painkillers. Although physiotherapy is commonly prescribed, it is time-intensive and requires a good amount of patience.

Knee injections such as steroidal ones, visco-supplementation, or platelet rich plasma injections are sometimes prescribed after taking the potential risks of infection and bleeding into account. Our doctors also offer non-invasive options such as the Indiba Activ and tissue repair joint supplements at our clinic in Singapore that are requested by patients looking for long-term results.

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