Knee Replacement Surgery

In a rapidly aging population, the number of patients with knee arthritis is steadily increasing, which explains why knee replacement surgery is a very common procedure nowadays. The movement of the knee joint is a complicated sequence of movements involving the hinge, slide and rotation. In the past, it had been quite difficult to find a good mechanical means of replacing this.

knee replacement implantConsidering Knee Replacement Surgery?

Quite generally, the reasons to undergo a knee replacement surgery are as follows:

  • Pain and loss of function in the knee that significantly interferes with functional living
  • Failure of non-operative methods such as medication and different forms of therapy

Surgery if often recommended as a last resort, when non-invasive treatments like therapy or medication do not seem to work for the patient. You can get in touch with a doctor through our clinic in Singapore if you require knee replacement surgery or to learn more about the cost involved.

Choosing A Doctor For Your Knee Replacement Surgery in Singapore

Choosing an experienced orthopaedic surgeon goes a long way in ensuring you get the best results from your knee replacement surgery at reasonable a cost. That said, as with every medical treatment, there are always some associated medical risks of surgery that you need to consider. These medical risks range in severity; from infections to blood clots. Following your doctor’s advice post-surgery can also help in alleviating the probability of the risks and complications occurring. At the Pain Relief Clinic in Singapore, our doctor will be able to guide you on choosing an orthopaedic surgeon to discuss the risks and costs involved in a knee replacement surgery.

Fortunately, with significant progress made in recent years in medical technology, there are multiple new solutions available to consider if you are wary of opting for knee replacement surgery.

With over a decade of experience in treating patients suffering with pain, Dr Terence Tan is committed to developing a comprehensive and targeted treatments to help his patients in Singapore find relief without  knee replacement surgery. If you are unsure about the right treatment approach for your knee pain, you can book a consultation with us here.

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