Head and Neck Surgery in Singapore

Neck ache, pain and stiffness is a very common medical problem in Singapore. While most cases are not severe and can be successfully treated with many different methods, surgery is sometimes suggested as a last resort. However, there are risks involved if one were to undergo surgery at any part of the neck or head. Patients at The Pain Relief Clinic in Singapore generally prefer to avoid surgery and will only consider head and neck surgery when other alternative treatments are not effective.

Why Surgery

Surgery may be required for any condition that causes compression to the spinal cord. This may be a result of physical trauma, which has fractured the vertebrae or dislocated them. It can also be caused by diseases such as tuberculosis with an abscess, or rheumatoid arthritis which can weaken the neck joints, causing compression of the spinal cord, paralysis or even death.

Surgery is sometimes required but often not essential for nerve root compression. If your neck has been a bit stiff for a few days and you wake up in the morning to find that your arm, hand or fingers are numb, you could be experiencing nerve root irritation.

Neck Surgery Risks

Surgery for chronic pain is a difficult decision. Often, neck surgery can pose risks, such as additional impairment which requires the need for more surgery. This includes infections, blood vessel and nerve damage, or further deterioration to the spinal cord. You should consider alternative measures such as rest, medication, and physiotherapy at the onset. Many patients try surgery out of desperation or after disappointments with many alternative non-medical treatments. Thankfully, medical technology has made very good progress in recent years and many safe new treatment options are now available.

If you are suffering from neck pain and had been avoiding surgery due to its potential risks, consult our doctor in Singapore who will be able to advise whether surgery will be a good option for you.

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